Lady's BBD, Region and State Honours

Lady’s BBD and Region Honours

2015 – 16             BBD and Group State Fours

                                S Howes (s), A Bruggy (BBC), A Borham and B McDermott

2015 – 16             BBD and Group Champion of Champion Singles

                                H Clough

2014 – 15             BBD State Singles

                                Susan Howes

                                BBD State Triples

                                S Howes (s), B McDermott, G Holt

2013 – 14             BBD State Pairs

                                B McDermott (s), G Holt

2010 – 11             BDLBA State Pairs

                                S Howes (s), M Frank

                                BDLBA State Fours

                                G Holt (s), B McDermott, H Clough, H Crawford

                                BDLBA Association Fours

                                G Holt (s), B McDermott, J Washington, H Clough

2009 – 10             BDLBA Fours

                                S Howes (s), M Holland, J Washington, H Clough

                                BDLBA State Fours

                                S Howes (s), M Frank, M Bampton, M Holland

2008 – 09             BDLBA Triples

                                M Bampton (s), M Frank, B McDermott

                                BDLBA State Pairs

                                G Holt (s), G McDermott

2007 – 08             BDLBA State Singles

                                G Holt

                                BDLBA Pairs

                                G Holt (s), H Crawford

                                BDLBA Singles

                                M Frank

                                BDLBA State Triples

                                G Holt (s), B McDermott , H Crawford

                                BDLBA Triples

                                M Holland (s), H Crawford, M Frank

                                BDLBA Fours

                                J Judd (s), N Baker, L Stewart, M Bonney

                                BDLBA, Group and Victorian State Champions

                                G Holt (s), B McDermott